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Sreelatha DanduSreelatha Dandu 

difference between Okta SCIM Connector and SCIM Server

hi can u plz explain the difference between Okta SCIM Connector and SCIM Server.
Alex GeorgescuAlex Georgescu (Vendor Management)
The terms describe components of the On-Premise Provisioning solution. They cannot be added as a provisioning integration between Okta and a cloud service within the Okta Application Network (for that function, please contact Developers Support to learn more)
SCIM is the System for Cross-domain Identity Management. SCIM is used to connect Okta to on-premises applications.
The Okta Provisioning Agent enables you to provision users from Okta to on-premises applications that are installed behind a corporate firewall and to import users from corporate applications into your Okta org. Communication between Okta and on-premises applications occurs through the Okta Provisioning Agent and a SCIM server or a provisioning connector built using Provisioning Connector SDK. 
Here are two starting documents: 
  • Creating
  • Testing

I hope we covered your initial requestion !                   
Please feel free to open new cases if you need so or a new issue emergen/s