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John MoeJohn Moe 

How do I enable geolocation?

I'm trying to set up Geoblocking rules in our Okta instance.  I've had a read of this page:

It says that I can use a location to define a zone, if I have geolocation enabled.  However, I cannot find this setting anywhere to enable it.  Can someone assist?


John Moe
Paul StinigutaPaul Stiniguta (Okta, Inc.)
Hello John,

The feature that you are mentioning is an Early Access Feature. You can have access to them if they are enabled by your Account Executive or by Support. 
I would recommend to reach out to you Account Executive at Okta and check with him if this can be enabled fro your Org or you can also open a case with Support and we will be more then happy to assist you with this request.

Paul Stiniguta
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
John MoeJohn Moe
Hi Paul,

We had worked that out separately, and already have it enabled.  But thanks for getting back to me.  :-)


John Moe