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Debbie Johnson,Debbie Johnson, 

O365 and Email Pushed by MobileIron

My organization uses MobileIron to push email profiles to users' phones. We are looking to integrate O365 and Okta and are trying to understand what the impact will be to how users access email. Today, once MobileIron pushes the email profile, the user can simply open their native email app and see their O365 email in the app without signing into anything. Once we integrate O365 and Okta, will that change? Will we need to integrate Okta and MobileIron as well?
George TodorGeorge Todor (Vendor Management)
After you set up Okta with O365, alla end users can set up there accounts on the netive apps and can read emails as normal. 
Non the less a first set up of the nativ up is necessary in order for this to work. 
Debbie Johnson,Debbie Johnson,
What do you mean by set up of native app is necessary first? Will the mail profile need to be re-pushed or set up again via MobileIron after the integration of O365 and Okta?