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David GenenzDavid Genenz 

MFA - Forget a remembered device

For MFA, we've set it up so devices can be remembered. "Do not challenge me on this device again".

Is there anyway to clear that on a particular device or account if desired so it will re-prompt for MFA? Somewhere I read there's supposed to be a device management section but I'm unable to locate it for MFA. I can find it for Okta Mobile but that's not what I'm concerned about.


Jim KnutsonJim Knutson (Okta, Inc.)
Yes, Under the Prople tab, you will see a button that says "reset multifactor" then by user you can clear the MFA factor setup on an account. Hope that helps! 
David GenenzDavid Genenz
Hi Jim,

Actually, that's not quite what I meant. When setting up authentication rules that require MFA, there's an option to set per device, every time or per session. We choose Per Device which gives our staff an option to have it "remembered" on a device. I'm trying to determine a method to clear it from the device.