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Patrick ManPatrick Man 

What can Sailpoint IdentityNow (or other IDaaS) do that Okta cannot?

I need your input. I'm currently taking a look at IAM products for my company and would like to be aware of the key differences in terms of features offered. Ideally I'd like a side by side comparison between Sailpoint's IdentityNow vs Okta's Lifecycle Management. Can you help?
Jaypee ManansalaJaypee Manansala (Okta)
Hi Patrick,

Thanks for posting your inquiry in Okta Community Portal.

Okta key features and capabilities:

Extensible Pre-Integrated Provisioning. Rich integrations for mastering and provisioning that support coarse-grain to fine-grain management.

Universal Directory. Directory and meta-directory, designed for integration to any app or directory, with lifecycle awareness and extensibility.

Prescriptive Lifecycle Orchestration. Sophisticated control of identities across lifecycle states with automation through rules, policies, workflows, and APIs for full customization.

Group Membership Rules: Based on users attributes (e.g. position/department/geography), a user can be automatically assigned to a certain group entitling the user to a certain set of apps and entitlements within the app.

App-as-Master: Pre-integrated provisioning connectors to AD, HRIS, CRM, or ERP applications allowing to master user attributes in Universal Directory, as well as writing back to these applications updates as necessary. Admins can define the priority of the profile masters in Okta.

Attribute-Level Mastering: The ability to master different user attributes from different authoritative sources (HR, CRM, AD, LDAP, etc.). A user can have his attributes defined by more than one source.

Access Request Workflow: Multi-step self-service access request workflow where users can request any app in the app catalog they don’t have, and requests are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers within or outside of IT.

On-Prem Provisioning Agent: The on-premises provisioning feature extends Okta’s provisioning capabilities to on-premises web applications and thick applications that run behind corporate firewalls. Can leverage the SCIM 2.0 standard.

Access Reports: Easily generate reports around app assignment, app access, and deprovisioning of users. Reports can be filtered to focus on certain dates, applications, or users.