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Nir DothanNir Dothan 


Being an ex Stormpath customer we migrated our SpringBoot applications to Okta last year and used the migration version 2.0.0-okta. We now have new functionality that we need to develop and have no documentation of the library as it seems that is gone.  
Can you please refer us to relevant documentation? Do you recomend that we continue to use it or should we migrate our code to use a differnt okta library?
Jerrell GaryJerrell Gary (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Nir, Thanks for your post. I will need to get some additional information before addressing your question. You stated that you used the migration version 2.0.0-Okta. Can you let me know what current version of libraries you are using? Also what are you looking to design/enhance? What is the new functionality you would like to incorporate? 
Nir DothanNir Dothan
Hi Jerrell,
We're still using that version.  com.stormpath.spring:stormpath-default-spring-boot-starter:2.0.0-okta 
The enhancement that we need to develop, is to terminate the session after a centain period of inactivity, forcing the user to enter login credentials again.
Jerrell GaryJerrell Gary (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Nir,

I have been discussing this concern with Okta's Development Support team. 

If your goal is to delete the session, you maybe able to use the following  API resource guides listed below.

Here is a KB article that might be useful. to delete session from browser.

Another suggestion maybe to get the current session from browser. Please review the following KB article.

Here is a KB article to help guide you through the session ID process 

If you need addtional assistance you can always open a support case.

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