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George AlexGeorge Alex 

Active Directory Create User

I am exploring the capabilities of the Create User action for pushing a user to Active Directory. How does Okta handle duplication errors for similar names?

For example, There is an AD mastered user in okta with a unique email named John Smith, with prefix "jsmith". I then create a user in okta, or onboard them from antoher application, with the name Jake Smith, and his own unique email, with prefix "jsmith". He's then put in a Directory linked group, and should have his account pushed to Active Directory. His SAMaccountname in AD would be the same as the jsmith already existing. Okta system log shows success, although he is not created in AD.

How does the okta ad agent handle this? How do you advise I correct this?
Steven MillerSteven Miller
I just recently asked Okta about this. Seems like its not possible currently to detect conflicts. See the idea I've submitted below. If relevant, you can upvote it to help get its attention to the Okta team.
George AlexGeorge Alex
Thanks Steve! I was considering making a case, but I imagine they would have told me the same thing. We'll just have to see what they say.