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Ozgur OzguvenOzgur Ozguven 

Bookmark App - "Application username format" field

Hello all

Can I please confirm my understanding that the value in "Application username format" field is irrelevant/not used? I am asking this in the context of bookmark apps in a spoke Okta tenancy pointing to SAML apps in a Hub Okta tenancy. 

The way I understand this the actual authentication is done by the org2org app (on the spoke) and affectively "Application username format" field for bookmark apps is ignored. 

BehrouzBehrouz (Okta, Inc.) 
Hi Ozgur,
Thanks for contacting Okta!
Yes; that is correct. The application username format by default exists for all apps. In this case if you are using a bookmark app to access an app on a different Org (using Org2Org); you can simply ignore the username format as we do not use it to inject any credentials.

Thank you,

Behrouz Ghorchi
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
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