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Cobi DruxermanCobi Druxerman 

15five application doesn't seem to be working

I've set up 15five on out account, but when I try to login, nothing happens.
Cristian MondiruCristian Mondiru (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Cobi,

  Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support!
  If the application has been configured as detailed here: https://saml-doc.okta.com/SAML_Docs/How-to-Configure-SAML-2.0-for-15five.html,assigned to the account used for testing and the issues is still occurring, we recommend opening a support ticket fur further troubleshooting. Also, please enable remote access to your tenant from the Okta Admin page, go to Settings > Account then click Edit for "Give Access to Okta Support" and choose Enabled in order to facilitate investigation once the case is open.

 Kind regards,
 Cristian Mondiru
 Technical Support Engineer
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)
Hello Cobi,

Thanks for posting your inquiry in Okta Community Portal.

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Thank you,

Dylann Fezeu
Okta Help Center Team