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Muhammad Dildar AhmedMuhammad Dildar Ahmed 


I have 250 active users, that means I am consuming 250 licenses, even if I have 11 suspended users? Is that correct?

Also, is it safe to assume that a licensce will become free when a user is deactivated or suspended? Means there will be no count of  license for  deactivated/ suspended users. 

Radu GalanRadu Galan (Okta, Inc.)
Thank you for contacting Okta support.
Suspending people in your organization changes their account status from Active to Suspended. Suspended users cannot log in to Okta and receive a message indicating they are suspended. The Okta sign in is blocked for apps that support SAML. App and group memberships are maintained for suspended users and such any assigned licenses will be kept as well, however, they will be free if the user is deactivated but not during suspended status, and are reinstated if the user is subsequently unsuspended.
Unsuspending people changes their account status from Suspended to Active. All app and group memberships are restored.
Suspending people is useful for temporary and contract workers and employees on leaves of absence if you want to pause and later resume access.
Muhammad Dildar AhmedMuhammad Dildar Ahmed

Thank you for reply. 

Can I check the log history of deactivated user like acitvity of previous month?