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Gustavo RiveraGustavo Rivera 

Jira 7 provisioning

We have been following the instructions here (https://grayhairsoftware-admin.okta.com/app/jira_onprem/0oa11mcocptJTVwYk2p7/setup/help/SAML_2_0/instructions#tab-jira7) for configuring Okta SSO with Jira 7. We currently have 2 problems.

1. When going to JIRA for an SP-init login the JIRA landing page does load Okta login. However, once the user has logged in, that just takes the user to the regular JIRA login. What could we have missed?

2. When trying to setup provisioning we go and input the login credentials in Okta for the JIRA admin and the following error appears

User-added image

Any idea on what's the deal with it?

Where is it looking for the cert? or again what did we missed?