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Rocky ReyesRocky Reyes 

Can I generate a report showing which of my apps are using Lifecycle Management?

Is there an easy way to show which OIN apps I'm using are actually using Lifecycle Managment?
Alex GeorgescuAlex Georgescu (Vendor Management)
Hello Rocky,

First of all, Okta Lifecycle Management is a cloud-based identity lifecycle automation product that increases IT processes efficiency and streamlines access decisions. Unlike traditional IGA systems, Okta Lifecycle Management is integrated, has built-in best practices for automation, frictionless and intuitive user experience, and extensibility to any application on any device.

Okta Lifecycle Management has extensible pre-integrated provisioning to applications, a directory that is built for integration, a lifecycle orchestration engine with workflows and policies, and access governance reporting.

Okta Lifecycle Management centralizes and automates lifecycle management across all apps on-premise and in the cloud. Users and their devices get instant access to the applications they need, for not a minute longer than they need, while the IT team saves significant management costs.

Lifecycle Management collects all information about a user, including their job title, the groups they belong to, which devices they own, and more from AD, HR, CRM, or ERP systems. Most importantly, the directory is lifecycle aware— a user can be staged, activated, suspended, deactivated, and deleted, based on lifecycle state change events.

For example you can search directly in the System log after keywords "Universal Directory" or a specific Attribute which is mapped to your app and user. It also includes (but it's not limited to) app assignment, app access, and deprovisioning of users.

In the logs you can use the Advanced filter to build up expressions to search and when the report is done, use the "Download CSV" in the upper right corner of the table to download it in an Excel format to view.

I hope this covers your question. For more information, please access these links :

Kind regards
Rocky ReyesRocky Reyes
Hi Alex,

Thank you for all of that info. Let me add some context. My Okta invoice has a line item: "Life Cycle Management, 10 OIN Apps". I'm looking for a quick way to determine which 10 apps that charge is referring to.
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)
Hello Rocky,

Thanks for posting your inquiry in Okta Community Portal.

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Thank you,

Dylann Fezeu
Okta Help Center Team
Alex GeorgescuAlex Georgescu (Vendor Management)
To further answer to your reply, Rocky, I believe it's pointing at how many apps benefit from "Auto provisioning / deprovisioning" , as per . But my recommendation is to please contact our Sales department since they could provide you with more info , if you haven't done so already by any chance. 

Kind regards and have a great week forward.