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David OvingtonDavid Ovington 

Can I use OKTA as a relying party trust from another IDP ?

Here is my use case...
We are a software vendor, we already have an IDP system for SSO (not OKTA), which can have local users account, or SAML off to corporate AD to allow windows credential sign-in.
We now have a customer that is already using OKTA, linked to their AD and we need to comply with this.

Question is, can I setup a SAML relying party trust to OKTA from my existing IDP, as if it were just another AD type service ? This would mean I don't need to make coding changes and its just config.
The route would then be:
1. Request from our software to our IDP
2. IDP uses relying party trust to OKTA instance
3. However that OKTA instance is configured (i.e to corporate AD) is then used for auth
4. Back to beginning and we get claims based responses

Silviu MuraruSilviu Muraru (Okta, Inc.)

My name is Silviu and I am a Technical Support Engineer (Tier II) at Okta.
This might be a Dev-related subject so opening a case with Okta Support would be the best solution I think, but still, you might be referring to the following two pieces of documentation:
1. Setting Okta as some sort of SP, getting requests and users from another IDP, which is the Inbound SAML Configuration here:
2. Having Okta as an authorization server and configuring scopes, claims, etc.. Docs here:
For any further assistance please open up a case with Okta Support and get all the necessary pieces of information, if not provided yet.

Wish you all the best in your work!

Silviu Muraru
Technical Support Engineer | Okta
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)
Hello David,

Thanks for posting your inquiry in Okta Community Portal.

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Thank you,

Dylann Fezeu
Okta Help Center Team