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Michael Van TubbergenMichael Van Tubbergen 

How to get subordinates of a manger?

I'm wondering if it is possible to get all of the subordinates of a manager using the API without setting up the custom linked entities. Active directory has a manager field which I believe is synced. Is it possible to query with a parameter manager's name/id and get everyone who has that manager in their field?
Vasile DragomirVasile Dragomir (Okta, Inc.)
Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support, my name is Vasi and it's been a pleasure to handle your case. 
The  api calls that may help you can be found on : We may  need  more  details  to  aks  you  question in apropriate manner 
For specific scenario we invite you to open the case for specific help 
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)
Hello Michael,

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Dylann Fezeu
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