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Sreelatha DanduSreelatha Dandu 


hi ,I am new to okta i have some doubts can u plz clarify that(by default all Jenkins users are saving it into jenkinshome\Jenkins\users\some username\config.xml file know that means every user is having his own config.xml file am i correct?) Jenkins will use any database if yes which one?and is it possible to switch from one DB to another DB it possible to configure mysql database plugin in jenkins if its possible ?how? can u plz tell me complete steps which i need to follow
Daniel CapriceruDaniel Capriceru (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Sreelatha,

Thank you for posting your inquiry to Okta Support Community Portal.

  Unfortunately, we don't have any documentation regarding this matter. If you'd like to setup OKTA as your IdP for Jenkins, you will need to perform configuration settings both in OKTA and in Jenkins (SAML Plugin). In Okta, you can either use our Application Integration Wizard to create a custom SAML App or use the Community Created SAML App for Jenkins.

If you need any developer guidance you can post your questions on the developer forum (, or you can contact our Developer Team (

Best Regards,
Sreelatha DanduSreelatha Dandu
Thank you fDaniel
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)
Hello Sreelatha,

Thanks for posting your inquiry in Okta Community Portal.

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Thank you,

Dylann Fezeu
Okta Help Center Team