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Pete PatelPete Patel 

Secret Server MFA via RADIUS

Has anyone configured Thycotic Secret Server to auth via Okta RADIUS? Thycotic charge an arm and a leg to enable SAMl support and wanted to see if we could finally kill our Duo licensing by moving it to Okta with the rest of our apps.

Adam LoweAdam Lowe (Okta, Inc.)
Given there is an Okta Verified app for using SAML with Secret Server, that has been the most common method for performing such an integration.

I was able to locate at least one customer that had reported a successful integration using the Okta RADIUS Agent.  So this kind of integration may be something you can accomplish, but there is a very small pool of customers who may have done this that can provide feedback.

As a starting point, I'd recommend reviewing the Okta documentation on the RADIUS Agent and compare them to Secret Sever's specifications to ensure they meet one another's requirements.  Linked below is documentation on installing the RADIUS Agent and using the newer Okta RADIUS app: