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Sreelatha DanduSreelatha Dandu 

jenkins connector for okta

  I need to write one webapplication to provision okta users to jenkins and viceversa so,Please send me any documents to create jenkins connector for okta using java. 
Thanks in advance
Valeriu HudeaValeriu Hudea (Okta, Inc.)

For Provisioning you can use the SCIM API endpoints, I will forward all details in regards to the usage and flow , depending on your specific config I will forward all the documentation in order to achieve the flow : 

This is our documentation in regards to Okta and JAVA, currently the framework guides are for Spring and Generic Java : (http://​

Okta Spring Security:
Okta JAVA SDK guide : (http://​
Okta JAVA sample app with OpenID ( and Spring Framework : 

Most resources and use case scenarios can be found at :

Good luck achieving your desired provisioning flow and if you need any developer guidance you can post your questions on the developer forum: (http://​
Or you can contact our Dev Team :

                                                                     Best Regards
Sreelatha DanduSreelatha Dandu
hI Valeriu Hudea,thanks for ur reply