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Felix Hilmer-AdminFelix Hilmer-Admin 

o365 email alias


I've followd the guide for adding the proxyaddresses attribute, but am not seeing what should, presumably, be an additional field under the user profile. I note that we use User Sync, not Universal Sync (which does not appear to be an option for the O365 app). Is this necessary to utilise email aliases, and is this something that we need to pay more for?

Many Thanks,

Valentin NituValentin Nitu (Okta, Inc.)
Hey Felix, the user sync provisioning type should provide the ProxyAddress attribute in the Office 365 schema. If you have followed our guide for adding the attribute you would also need to add the attribute from the schema and map it either from an Okta profile attribute or Active directory. If that value is not pulled from somewhere we will not push anything to Office. 
The documentation that I`m reffering to: https://support.okta.com/help/Documentation/Knowledge_Article/Okta-Enhancements-with-Microsoft-Office-365-Integration-1961576155#ProxyAddresses
If you require assistance within your setup I would recommend to raise a ticket with Okta support.
Felix Hilmer-AdminFelix Hilmer-Admin
Hi Valentin, thank you for the quick reply. We don't use AD - Okta is the source of truth. I can see the proxyaddresses attribute in the Microsoft Office 365 Attribute Mappings in the app,
O365 App
but no extra field appears under the user profile. I've added one manually in the Okta profile (is this the right approach?) called Email Alias,
Okta Profile
and this appears in the profile, but when I enter an address, it is not synced across to O365 (I entered this yesterday, and it still has not synced).

Have I misunderstood how this works?


Valentin NituValentin Nitu (Okta, Inc.)
Hey Felix, our documentation starts from the premise that you use AD. The expression is built on it. 
Try to map to the Office 365 ProxyAddress an Okta string array attribute (you will need to create a custom string array attribute). Add the values for proxyAddresses there but make sure the first one is the primary email address. Once you save the profile after update a push should be done to Office syncing the information.
Felix Hilmer-AdminFelix Hilmer-Admin
Hi Valentin,

Many thanks for your help, but that goes way beyond my knowledge of Okta.
I'll open a support case.
It would be worthwhile having actual documentation for this scenario, with, perhaps, an example. As more and more tech refreshes attempt to rid themselves of AD, and use a SaaS-only IDAM, surely having guides which address the (after all simpler) approach of using Okta as the primary IDAM, would be in Okta's interest? Just a thought!


AD Agent AdministratorAD Agent Administrator


If support gave you a working custom string array for this, please reply in this thread as I'd like to accomplish the same thing.