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Raphael PigullaRaphael Pigulla 

Change Okta username

We have a local Active Directory domain (let's call it ACME) that is synchronized to Okta using the AD Agent. The domain shows up as ACME.local and its users have email addresses like

Everything works nicely except that users have to log on to Okta using "john.doe@ACME.local" which is very confusing to them because up until now they have never even heard of ACME.local (only and just ACME).

The Directory Integrations settings show an option "Okta username format" with the help text "Select the username users should enter to log in to Okta". I've fiddled around with it but nothing seems to have changed. I suppose this makes sense since one can potentially integrate multiple directories so the login probably needs to be fully qualified.

Is there a way to allow users to log in with just their account name (john.doe) or their email address as configured in AD (