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Geoff EdgmondGeoff Edgmond 

Icon change office 365

We have an Offce 365 instance with users pushed into Azure groups and created as guests. We want to direct them to specific SharePoint sites, as guests. Most of the management of the users is through a custom login page, but some of them will find their way to the Okta chicklet page. We want them to be able to get back to the SharePoint site, without knowing it is SharePoint. We have created custom O365 applications to get them to the two Office 365 resources they have access to.

I changed the icon that is provided in the Application > Application > select the gear to edit. That icon now shows up on the list in the Admin interface where the applications are listed. However, on the user screen, they still see the stock SharePoint icon with the application name below it. Is there a way to change the SharePoint icon that is presented to the end user? Again, to be clear, changing the icon in the application list does not achieve this. It is using the stock SharePoint icon.
Marius VoinescuMarius Voinescu (Okta, Inc.)
The name of the application can be changed if needed under the General tab and changing the "Application laber"

In regards to the icon I have tried with both the on premise application and the SWA only application and I was able to modify the icon and have it propagated to all assigned users as seen in the attached screenshots. The icon can be modified by clicking on the pencil at the top right of the application insde the admin tab and a new once can be uploaded. As long as it matches the requierments it will be saved and visible for everyone. User-added image