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Scott BakerScott Baker 

Ultipro Profile Master Behavior

If we enable mastering on Ultipro, does it prevent profile changes in Okta only for the attributes that are mapped?  The wording on the setting is a little ambiguous, so I want to make sure it's only going to lock out edits for attributes that are are mapped from Ultipro into Okta.

Screenshot of setting
Valeriu HudeaValeriu Hudea (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Scott,

As far as the Profile Mastering goes, as long as the full Okta user profile gets mapped from UltiPRO and mastered there, the changes will only be brought in from UltiPro. Updates/changes will be done from UltiPro on the profiles. 

In order to have attributes unlocked with in the Okta user profile, you would need attribute level mastering. 
https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Directory/Attribute_Level_Mastering.htm  (https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Directory/Attribute_Level_Mastering.htm

You can configure which attributes can be managed with in Okta and which are locked and Mapped from UltiPro. 

For example I have LDAP master and I want to manage in Okta the attribute Street Address, I go into the Directory -> Profile Editor and User 
and select the Inherit from Okta the Master Priority.

User-added imageI hope this makes your configuration and deployment as desired.

If you need any specific assistance just open a case with our Support Department and we will gladly take care of it.

Best Regards,