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Minwei ShenMinwei Shen 

Customizing email template

I am trying to customize the Forget Password email template but it keeps popping up the error 

Missing the required ${code} variable in the custom template.

I think ${code} is only for SMS and even if I put it in the email template, the error won't go away. Any idea?
David HoosDavid Hoos (Okta, Inc.)
${code} is indeed used for standard SMS message. If you think this should be investigated by us please open a support ticket and one of my coleagues will be more than happy to assist you.
Hamilton GreeneHamilton Greene
It means that you are missing one of the required variables in the body. For me, I found that it was because I had replaced the ${resetPasswordLink} with a custom link I made myself and the editor was yelling cause it wanted it in there.