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Marcus MarquardtMarcus Marquardt 

How do I properly set up an oauth 2 authorization server?

I am attempting to set up a service secured by client credentials following

Upon completing the code, I recieve the "Unable to retrieve access token from Okta" exception defined in the OktaTokenService.

Debugging, I discovered the response is BadRequest, so I decided to take a look at the default authorization server.

With the default authorization server I first notice there is no access_token scope defined, so I defined one.

Following that, I tried the token preview from the configured client using client credentials and the new scope, but get and Internal Server Error.

What am I missing here?
Fabian BahnaFabian Bahna (Okta, Inc.)

Hi Marcus, 

Is this error one that you can reproduce reliably, or a one-time event? If it can be reproduced, then I recommend opening up a case with Customer Support, to troubleshoot further.

I tried to look into the error for a quick fix, however there are a lot of factors we need to check like the request format for example. 

I added a documentation link below that should help, in case you missed it.

Marcus MarquardtMarcus Marquardt
Hi Fabian,

This issue is reproducible with a freshly created authorization server and I have opened a support ticket, per your recommendation.

Request format should be irrelevant, as I am getting the Internal Server Error using Okta's own token preview mechanism when I test selecting my app, client_credentials, and my test_scope.

This doesn't seem to be a policy issue, as restricting policy further gives a message stating the policy failed, rather than an Internal Server Error.

I did take a look at the authorization server docs, but found nothing wrong with my default or test setups that I could see.