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Van HuynhVan Huynh 

Active Users List? - Why so user unfriendly?

I have not found a good way to export an active users list.  Why is this made so difficult?  I understand there are API methods but our company doesn't have anyone with the experience to leverage that method.  Even then it seems like there's a limit to how much you can grab.

I understand OKTA makes money off each user in the system but this seems like a basic administrative feature and it just looks like a transparent money grab to leave it out.
Stefan PescaruStefan Pescaru (Okta, Inc.)

Regarding your need for a full list of your Okta active users, we do provide some UD scripts, which are provided as they are (further support will not be provided).
You can try the get active users py script from here:​

Should this not fully resolve your need, please feel free to open a Support Ticket and me or one of my colleagues will be more than glad to further assist you.

Thank You,

Stefan Pescaru
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Van HuynhVan Huynh
Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the resource.  Everything worked.

For anyone who is reading this and doing this for the first time, here a few things I learned having no experience with Python.

1) The URL provided does say python 2.7 and I'd recommend downloading that version specifically because the cold doesn't seem to work without modifying it.
2) One of the requirements is the Python Requests library.  You need to run PIP install manager with full path.  For example, version 2.7 installed to c:\python27 by default so the CMD prompt command was c:\python32\scripts\pip install requests
3) After this you can right click on the python files provided in the GitHub and run them and get a good pull of all users.
Van HuynhVan Huynh
Sorry where I said "Cold", was meant to say "Newer versions"; not sure how that happened.