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Matt VelthoenMatt Velthoen 

Signing into a modal window...with no username?

I have been asked to add an app for our company store website, but am having a few issues due to the nature of the site.  I'd like to find out if this is something we simply cannot do with Okta or is there some workaround?  I have not had much luck in my searches.  It looks like the site is hosted by Shopify, which I know little to nothing about, but I would assume we can't edit much in terms of behavior.

The issues so far:​
  1. Site requires a (shared) password for entry into the store.  Navigating to the page always redirects to a "Welcome" page with one button "Enter Password" which simply pops a modal window with a password field.  I have no idea how to access that modal without first landing on the welcome page and clicking the button.
  2. No username for initial store entry.  I'm not sure Okta can even handle this.  If so, I have not figured out how.
  3. [Bonus] Secondary individual login!  That's right, once you get into the company store, you can create your own personal account and log into that.  There's no way to navigate directly here unless already in a session.  Otherwise, every attempt goes to the welcome page.  I'm assuming this is beyond what SSO is meant to do.
Vignesh LakshminarayananVignesh Lakshminarayanan (Developer & Mobile Support)
Thank you for contacting Okta Support. You can typically customize your Secure Web Authentication (SWA) setup for the plugin to post details into CSS selectors of the website using Okta Template Apps. You can use the following link for information about the configuration of a SWA Template App: Configure Template App (

If you believe that you need more help with your specific scenario, you can open a case with Okta Support so that we can work together to identify if the requested actions are possible. 
Matt VelthoenMatt Velthoen
I have tried using the Template App, but am required to configure username, which is not used to enter into the site (only password).  Are you saying there is also a way to do this?
Matt VelthoenMatt Velthoen
We were able to remove the initial site password prompt and this allowed me to set up the app as usual by directing to the login page.