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Smridhi SabharwalSmridhi Sabharwal 

Email Verification/Activation

When I create a new user using the Create User with Password API.
1, By default the email comes as verified. (I want the user to verify the email by sending an email).
2. I want to send an Activation/Verification email to the User's email address, on clicking the link the user gets activated and not before that.
3. Using the OKTA Lifecycle Activate API with sendEmail=true. Activates the User and sends email. When we click on the Activate button it takes us to Password reset page why?

How can I implement this flow

Create User (Non Verified/Not Activated) ---> Send Email with Activation/Verify link (Click on the link) ---> Redirect to a custom page saying User activated and email verified or my custom login page?
Cosmin OlteanuCosmin Olteanu (Okta, Inc.)

If you leverage the Create User without Credentials ( you should obtain the following sequence of events of the flow which should satisfy the needs listed.

  1. Web App creates an okta user via API without a password
  2. User receives okta activation email and clicks on activation link 
  3. User is taken to okta ui to add security question, password, etc. 
  4. After user submits security question, password, etc they are redirected to our web app login page

If you leverage the Create User with Password ( the existing sequence of flow events are intended design behavior. The new user is able to login immediately after activation with the assigned password. This flow is common when developing a custom user registration experience.

The redirect link after the account activation flow cannot be customized. That is a standard format that will take the user to Okta, and unfortunately there is no way to change it. 

Steps to submit and Idea in our Community:

You can suggest this on the Okta Community by using the 'Suggest a feature' option at the bottom of the Okta admin console. Features suggested in our community are reviewed and can be voted and commented on by other members of the community, therefore making it much easier for the engineering team to understand the priorities that you have for feature requests. From there, the PM team will review the top 30 most voted upon ideas each month and provide feedback/roadmap status on these via the forum. 

If you require further assistance, please open up a case with us and we will be more than glad to assist.

Thank you for choosing Okta!

Cosmin OlteanuCosmin Olteanu (Okta, Inc.)
If you are using OIDC, this thread may be of use to you. Then please check or post your questions in our dev forum with more specifity.