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Bruce DenistonBruce Deniston 

ADP Federated Single Sign-On

Is ADP's "ADP Federated Single Sign-On" a required service to work with Okta and SSO?
Valeriu HudeaValeriu Hudea (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Bruce,  

ADP Federated SSO is optional, this would involve a SAML integration with Okta, via the OIN available ADP application, the federated authentication is inteded to make authnetication seemingless and secured, from one platform to another:  (  
There are authentication methods to ADP like Secured Web Authentication as well, credentials based with the Okta browser plugin. 
But in this sort of integration Federated SSO would be prefered, since its easier for your organization to offer single sign-on to your ADP services, for your users and get, give and control your employees’ access. It’s simple. It’s quick. 

This would be our SAML integration specs with ADP to achieve Federated SSO: 

Best Regards.