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Nathan KlingensteinNathan Klingenstein 

Static md:SingleSignOnService URL's

I want to define Okta IdP metadata that doesn't change for each application.

When I define a new application, I can specify an entityID using the "SAML Issuer ID" in advanced settings.  The signing certificate seems to be recycled.

But I want to use the same md:SingleSignOnService for each application, too.  I don't see a way to make static md:SingleSignOnService definitions.

Is there a configuration setting that I'm missing, or a value I can put in metadata that will work for any application?
Daniel CapriceruDaniel Capriceru (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Nathan,

Thanks for posting your inquiry to Okta Support Community Portal.

The md:SingleSignOnService endpoints are auto-generated when you create a new SAML App and they cannot be configured. Currently, static md:SingleSignOnService URLs are not supported as each App has a different endpoint.

Best regards,