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Eric StermerEric Stermer 

Voice call as MFA Factor

Many of our users will have office phones that we would want the voice MFA to use and since this phone number is already in Okta from our AD integration, Is there a way to default the MFA voice number to the phone number that is sent to Okta from our Active directory integration?
For users who don’t have an office phone, we would like for them to have the option of entering a voice number.
Is this possible?
Vignesh LakshminarayananVignesh Lakshminarayanan (Developer & Mobile Support)
Thank you for contacting Okta Support. Multi Factor Authentication enrollment is setup by the end user. As of now, there is no way to pre populate or manage the phone number that is used to enroll for Voice Call Authentication. This would be a new feature request on the Okta Community.

You can add your voice by using the 'Submit an Idea' option at this link(https://community.okta.com/community/admins). Features suggested in our community are reviewed and can be voted and commented on by other members of the community, therefore making it much easier for the engineering team to understand the priorities that you have for feature requests. I would encourage you add more votes to this request for higher chances to be considered in the upcoming releases.