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Vladimir ZhidalVladimir Zhidal 

How to get more information about an internal server error?


We recieved this error on our testing env yesterday.

{"newPassword":"7654321And","stateToken":"valid state token here"}
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
{"errorCode":"E0000009","errorSummary":"Internal Server Error","errorLink":"E0000009","errorId":"oaei728M4MQTgqG8H7xoc_CGw","errorCauses":[]}

Is there any way how we can get additional info about this error by the errorId (oaei728M4MQTgqG8H7xoc_CGw)? I can't even find this failure on the report/system_log_2 page.
Andrei AldeaAndrei Aldea (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Vladimir,

Is this error one that you can reproduce reliably, or a one-time event? If it can be reproduced, then I recommend opening up a case with Customer Support, to troubleshoot further.

At a quick look, I was unable to find anything related to this failure on our end (both the System Log and the backend logs), nor was I able to replicate this behavior, so I'm afraid that there isn't much additional information I can offer if this is a one-off event. 

I've checked our documentation regarding this call ( but couldn't find any additional information regarding what might cause a 500 internal server error.

Andrei Aldea
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Vladimir ZhindalVladimir Zhindal
Hello Andrei.

Yep, it is reproducible. I've already opened up a case and the support team reproduced my issue. It can be reproduced only with the current environment configuration.

Thank you for your reply.

Nathan JonesNathan Jones
I'm getting the same issue: all our requests to /api/v1/authn/credentials/reset_password get 500 responses. How do I open a support ticket for this? I've posted this issue to the dev forum:
Vladimir ZhindalVladimir Zhindal
Hey Nathan

Just press this button and follow instructions.