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Michael TippettMichael Tippett 

File Upload

I am trialing Okta. My main purpose is so staff members can have links to forms on their mobiel phone to a sharepoint site I have built.
It all works great, except for a file upload button I have on the service form. The HTML upload works by using a HTML button which triggers via javascript. It works on the mobile phone via Chrome or Firefox browser, but notr working in the Okta Mobile Browser.

Is there anyway I can make it work? perhaps by forcing it to use a chrome browser? or are scripts turned off by default or anything esle I can try?
VictorVictor (Okta, Inc.) 
Hi Michael! 

I think this might be expected if pressing the upload button will open a pop up window. This behavior is not supported yet for Okta Mobile. I might suggest opening a feature request regarding this matter and if there is no pop up window involved, will suggest opening a case to further assist you.