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Chooi Seng KhorChooi Seng Khor 

Security loop holes ?

Recently i have federated the test O365 domain with Okta . I have specify that modern authentication must prompt 2FA and it work fine . 

Next , my question is how do we handle the access from activesync , non-compliant software , SFB .... access to the services ? Hacker can just use non-modern authentication channel and bypass the 2FA challenge and go into the account . 
Ciprian SamihaianCiprian Samihaian (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Chooi

We will most probably need to further discuss this with our security team. Please open a support ticket with Okta so that we can best provide our assistance.

Thank you
Ciprian S.
Technical Support Engineer

Blake DevereauxBlake Devereaux
I am very interested in this as well... My question is pretty much the same.
David RipleyDavid Ripley
I am also interested in the answer to this question