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Okta Product Roadmap
The Okta Product Roadmap shows product roadmap items for applicable customers at various stages in their lifecycle: Planned, In Progress or In Release for Beta, Early Access or General Availability.
Released In Progress Planned
Adaptive MFA Beta
BYO Twilio API Key for SMS Delivery
Using this feature, a customer can choose to use their own Twilio API key instead of using Okta's delivery. This requires the customer to pay directly for their SMS and Voice call usage.
Added: 03/08/2018 Last updated: 03/08/2018
Adaptive MFA Beta
Factor Enrollment and Reset Notifications
Alert end users with an email notification when they have enroll a new factor with Okta or an existing enrolled factor is reset on their account.
Added: 03/08/2018 Last updated: 06/11/2018
Adaptive MFA In Development
MFA for Unix
Add Okta second factor authentication to Unix machines using Okta's PAM module.
Added: 03/08/2018 Last updated: 03/08/2018
Adaptive MFA In Development
MFA Add App Wizard
This feature can be used by developers to quickly and seamlessly integrate Okta MFA into their web based applications without requiring modern authentication such as SAML. After MFA is integrated, step up authentication policies can be applies to the integrate just like any Okta integration you would add from the OIN.
Added: 03/08/2018 Last updated: 03/08/2018
Adaptive MFA Beta
Inline MFA Enrollment over RADIUS
Inline MFA enrollment over RADIUS allows end users to enroll in MFA factors the first time they authenticate or the first time they require setup authentication over a RADIUS application. Enrollment over RADIUS will support SMS, Voice, and Okta Verify factor experiences.
Added: 03/08/2018 Last updated: 06/11/2018
Adaptive MFA Beta
Assess Device Trust for macOS
Ensure that critical browser based applications are accessed only by employees from macOS devices that are managed by VMware AirWatch or JAMF Pro.
Added: 02/07/2018 Last updated: 06/06/2018
Adaptive MFA In Development
Passwordless Authentication
Allow end users to use passwordless experiences to authenticate to Okta (e.g. Okta push verify to login).
Added: 03/08/2018 Last updated: 03/22/2018
Lifecycle Management Beta
Email Operations API - List, Verify, Change
For Platform customers, after creating users in an Okta org you often need to give your users the ability change and verify their email addresses. Today, because all email addresses are assumed to be verified when a user is created or modified, developers are required to develop their own email verification workflows outside of Okta. With these new APIs, developers now can now rely on Okta to track the verification state of a user's email addresses and also manage the verification workflow out of the box. You can view a user's email addresses, see their verification status, directly change the verification status, and also trigger email workflows to the end user to verify an unverified email address.
Added: 02/06/2018 Last updated: 02/12/2018
Lifecycle Management In Development
Global Default Redirect Setting
This org level setting lets you control where end users are redirected to after they sign in, recover, or register with your org. When users enter a login, recovery or registration flow from a known application or with a supplied fromURI, Okta will redirect the user back to that application. However, when application context is missing (for example when users directly visit your URL), users today always land of the end user dashboard which may not be a desired outcome if you are using Okta as an IDP for your custom application. This setting will allows you to instead redirect users to a specified a URL for a custom portal, application or landing page.
Added: 05/31/2018 Last updated: 05/31/2018
Lifecycle Management In Development
CSV Directory
Many customers rely on Okta's Lifecycle Management product to import users from a 3rd party system and have those systems act "as a Master" for that user's information within Okta. These customers rely on existing integrations to systems such as Workday, Ultipro, and Successfactors. For customers with a non-supported system, HR and IT typically transfer user data thru a CSV file. Through a lightweight agent, Okta will provide out of the box functionality to pick-up a CSV file on a scheduled basis and translate that file into actions in Okta (create/update/deactivate). We will mimic the functionality that many customers enjoy from our Workday as a Master with a flexible and generic CSV interface.
Added: 05/08/2018 Last updated: 06/14/2018
Lifecycle Management In Development
Advanced Import Matching Rules
When users are imported, Okta provides the ability to link these imported users to existing Okta users by matching on a defined set of attributes: username, email, and name. For some customers, these matching rules are insufficient due to the quality of data coming from a 3rd party system. This functionality will allow for an admin to match on any attribute during an import process (as long as that attribute exists within both the 3rd party app as well as Okta). Initially, this Beta will support advanced matching functionality for non-AD/LDAP applications such as profile masters like Workday, BambooHR, Successfactors, Ultipro, and Namely as well as any provisioning application (such as Zendesk) that supports imports.
Added: 04/30/2018 Last updated: 07/12/2018
Lifecycle Management In Development
Clear User Import Queue
Often times, users are mistakenly imported (in bulk) from a third party system such as AD or Workday, leading to many users sitting in conflict within the Import queue. This feature will improve usability and reduce clutter by allowing admins to clear this import queue on-demand.
Added: 04/30/2018 Last updated: 04/30/2018
Lifecycle Management In Development
Perform actions on users based on their lifecycle states (e.g. inactivity, password expiration etc.) according to a schedule. Example actions include sending email notifications to the user (or their manager in the future), update lifecycle state to "Suspended". Example schedule settings could be one-time (e.g. a particular timestamp) or recurring (e.g. run the policy every Monday at 8 am in Sao Paulo timezone).
Added: 02/09/2018 Last updated: 06/07/2018
Management & Monitoring In Development
Administrator Role-to-Group Assignment
Enables Super Org Administrators to assign Okta Admin roles en masse based on Group membership.
Added: 02/12/2018 Last updated: 05/17/2018
Management & Monitoring Beta
Improved Admin Email Notification Management
Super Org Admins will have more control over what email communications all administrators will receive by role by default as well as turning on or off all email communications for an organization, which improves sandbox and testing processes. Individual admins will still be able to override global settings on a per admin user basis.
Added: 05/17/2018 Last updated: 05/17/2018
Okta Integration Network In Development
Enhanced Group Push for Slack
This feature allows for advanced Group Push ability. For Okta-mastered Groups, an admin will have the ability to link a group in Okta to an existing group within Slack.
Added: 04/30/2018 Last updated: 06/07/2018
Okta Integration Network Beta
SCIM App Wizard
The SCIM App Wizard allows an administrator to configure a SCIM provisioning integration to an application that is not in the Okta Integration Network catalog.
Added: 03/29/2018 Last updated: 06/05/2018
Okta Integration Network In Development
Support for Microsoft Government & Defense Office 365 Portal
Office 365 US Government is available to US government entities, and other entities which handle data that is subject to government regulations and requirements. Okta will add support for this environment to the Okta Integration network.
Added: 03/29/2018 Last updated: 06/05/2018
Okta Integration Network In Development
Configurable Password Complexity Per Application
When Okta provisions a user to an application we allow the administrator to select between using the Okta password or a randomly generated password. When the random option is selected we use a default set of password complexity rules. In some cases these rules may not meet the complexity requirements for the application. In the case where both the default complexity and the customer defined password complexity do not meet the app requirements a customer will not be able to provision to the application. This feature will give Okta the ability to define the default complexity rules for an app to prevent this conflict.
Added: 03/29/2018 Last updated: 06/08/2018
Okta Integration Network In Development
Enhanced Group Push for Zendesk
This feature allows for advanced Group Push ability. For Okta-mastered Groups, an admin now has the ability to link a group in Okta to an existing group within Zendesk.
Added: 04/30/2018 Last updated: 04/30/2018
Okta Integration Network In Development
Additional Attributes for Cornerstone On Demand
Added: 04/30/2018 Last updated: 04/30/2018
Okta Integration Network Beta
Microsoft Office 365: Custom User Agent support for Client access policy
Allow an administrator to configure a custom user agent in the client access policies for Microsoft Office 365.
Added: 03/09/2018 Last updated: 03/09/2018
Okta Integration Network In Development
Microsoft Office 365: Delete user on deprovisioning
While Okta generally recommends that users only have their Microsoft Office 365 licenses removed upon deprovisioning there are some uses cases where deleting the user in Azure Active Directory is required. In the case where a user's Office 365 mailbox is on litigation hold, deleting the user will prevent them from continuing to appear in the global address list.
Added: 03/09/2018 Last updated: 06/11/2018
Single Sign-on In Development
Generic OpenID Connect Identity Provider
A feature that will enable an Okta admin to add an OpenID Connect compliant Identity Provider to their Okta org, in a similar fashion to our existing functionality for 3rd Party SAML Identity Providers.
Added: 03/12/2018 Last updated: 06/21/2018
Single Sign-on Beta
IdP Discovery and Routing
Enables an organization admin to configure policies to leverage multiple identity providers for different users across their organization.
Added: 02/07/2018 Last updated: 03/21/2018
Universal Directory In Development
Sensitive Attribute Protection
This feature will add controls for attributes in your user schemas that are sensitive. You'll be able to mark an attribute as sensitive in the Profile Editor, which will restrict viewing and editing those attributes to Super Org Administrators and the user to whom the data belongs. You'll see System Logs when these attributes are read or written, allowing you to audit that data.
Added: 02/03/2018 Last updated: 03/15/2018