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What is Okta?
Published: Jan 30, 2015   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

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Okta connects any person with any application on any device.

It's an enterprise-grade, identity management service, built for the cloud, but compatible with many on-premises applications. With Okta, IT can manage any employee's access to any application or device. Okta runs in the cloud, on a secure, reliable, extensively audited platform, which integrates deeply with on-premises applications, directories, and identity management systems.

The Okta solution was born of the unique challenges of how technology has grown and shifted in the growing diversity of devices, identity issues, security, employee mobility, vender partnership, and the exponential growth of unique application options.

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Okta features include Provisioning, Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory (AD) and LDAP integration, the centralized deprovisioning of users, multifactor authentication (MFA), mobile identity management, and flexible policies for organization security and control.

All of these functions are brought together through a network of pre-integrated applications called the Okta Application Network (OAN). The OAN provides diverse integration options, enabling SSO login for every app your users need to access during their work day.

Active Directory and LDAP Integration

In the majority of enterprises, Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) is the authoritative user directory that governs access to key business applications. SaaS applications were developed with their own native user directories, and because they run outside of the firewall, are typically beyond the reach of AD. This limitation requires users to remember multiple usernames and logins, and IT is forced to create, manage, and map user accounts in AD and across their SaaS applications. Okta combats these problems with a complete, robust and easy-to-use AD SSO integration.

Active Directory alternatives include LDAP and other on-premises identity managers. In total, the “Okta solution” overcomes the economic and technological limitations of any legacy identity management scheme you are currently using.

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See a few terms you're not familiar with? See the Okta Terminology page.

Free-Trial Accounts

It can take less than 30 minutes to get started, but you have 30 days to try using Okta to increase security, improve user productivity, and make your IT team more efficient.

Click Okta free trial to get started.

While using your free-trial account, you can import up to 10,000 users and activate 100 of them. You can also have up to 50 applications on your org. If you need to import and activate additional users or you need more applications, contact Okta support to increase the limitations on your org.