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Virtual Classroom Success
Published: Jul 7, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018
Getting ready for your virtual Okta Training session is easy!  The information below will guide you through the process.

Accessing the Virtual Classroom

Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Okta Training with a .ics calendar invite. Just before class starts on the first day, you’ll receive an email reminder containing your unique WebEx Training Center login details.
  1. Click the link to enter the virtual classroom for your session.
  2. Click on the Meeting Info tab to view the dial in number and access codes.
  3. Click on the Quick Start tab and select your Audio Connection preference. 

Tip: We always recommend students click to join WebEx 5 minutes early, just in case!

What you’ll Need..


It is highly recommended you use two screens so that you can have one screen to view the instructor presentation screen and one screen to view the Lab Guide or take notes during the session.


You will also need a high-speed Internet connection.  A computer with no less than 256Kb/s downstream bandwidth is recommended.

To test your bandwidth…

  1. Visit
  2. Ignore any prompts to scan you PC and any ads.
  3. Click Begin Test
  4. Wait a few moments for the Download + Upload Speed tests to finish.
  5. Click Sample results screen – from high-speed cable modem.
  6. Your results may vary.
  7. The minimum requirement is 256Kb/s for download speed. 


For audio connection, you have two options:
  • 'Call Using Computer' > You can use integrated WebEx VoIP to communicate in your session.
  • 'I Will Call In'  >  You may also dial into the session via phone. Note: participants outside the U.S. may incur local toll charges on their phone bill with this option.

Tip: We strongly recommend using a headset (standard analog or USB microphone/headphone plugs) for optimal sound quality. Using the computer internal microphone on speakerphone often leads to extraneous noise and feedback.

To test your audio equipment…

Ensure your equipment is plugged into the proper ports, and that your audio volume is un-muted.


Any internet browser (ex: Safari, Chrome, Firefox) that supports WebEx will work for class. 

To test your browser…

  1. Download the WebEx client by clicking the link and joining a test meeting:
  2. Enter your name + email address.
  3. Click Join.
  4. Wait a few moments while the test meeting is prepared.
    1. If see a pop-up window that says, “The host has not yet joined the meeting” click OK.
    2. You should see the following success message:  “Congratulations, your test was successful!”
    3. You may now close the window and click Leave Meeting.
  5. If you are unable to join or are having difficulty running the test, get help by…
    1. Calling the WebEx Support line at +1(866)-229-3239 // Option 1
    2. Visiting for helpful information