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Useful System Log Queries
Published: Jun 30, 2017   -   Updated: Jun 30, 2017

The table below provides System Log 2.0 queries for common use cases.  For more about the system log, please check out our System Log Guide.
Use CaseQuery
Password resets for userseventType eq "user.account.reset_password"
Find Rate Limit errosdisplayMessage eq "Rate limit violation"
Application Assignment application.user_membership.add
Application AccesseventType eq "user.authentication.sso"
User Creationuser.lifecycle.create
User Locked Outuser.account.lock
Self Service Unlockself_service.account_unlock
Successuser.authentication.sso
Suspicious Activityoutcome.reason eq "Authentication failed: bad username or password"
Application AccesseventType eq "user.authentication.sso"


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  • Isaac Brumer on November 13, 2017

    @Peter McCarthy: You can find a more comprehensive list of events in the Event API reference

  • Peter McCarthy on August 16, 2017

    Is there a list of Event Types somewhere? That would be a huge help with searching through the System Log.