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Use the Okta Community Questions Forum
Published: Jun 8, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

What are community questions and discussions?
Within the Okta community you can ask all the questions you have on your mind about identity, security, and our Okta products and solutions. Q&A’s are the focus of the community, where anyone and everyone can ask and answer questions.

What is the difference between Questions and Discussions?
Discussion groups are specific subgroups within the community that you can join based on your interests or user profile. You can post questions and read answers in Discussions, but you will reach a smaller, more focused audience. Learn more about participating in discussions here.

How to find, vote or post a question?

  1. Visit the community tab within the Okta Help Center and click on the Questions link on the top of the page.  

Questions link in the Okta community

  1. Here you can search other questions. What you have on your mind might have already been discussed. Type your questions in the search bar above all the current questions to see if it anyone already asked about it.

Asking a question image

  • If there is an answer to your question, make sure to like it and comment on it. Make sure to give it a thumbs up to thank the person that answered and helped you out.

Answered question in the Okta community

  1. Don’t see your question? Click on the “Post Your Question” button to get started.

Posting Q&A.png

  1. Give it a title and add detail around what you are trying to get help with in the description box.Pick at topic.png
  2. Click the drop down to select the topic, then click Post to Community. Based on the topic you selected, the question will be posted in a specific category for people to help you that have better knowledge in that subject.

One of your peers or an Okta expert will answer your question and you will receive an alert by email (if you have not unsubscribed from alerts.)