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Universal Directory and Provisioning Knowledge Hub
Published: Jun 28, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 25, 2018
Learn how to deploy Universal Directory and Provisioning to help your users quickly access the tools they use.

Prerequisites - recommended


Provisioning deployment depends on your environment, and the applications you use.

For general information, see:

For popular application-specific provisioning, see:

We have configuration guides for many popular applications as part of our in-product user assistance. You can preview the configuration guides through our Guide to Okta Provisioning Docs.


Help your end users understand their new Okta environment with the following articles.

Administration tasks

Additional resources

  • Okta Terminology defines frequently used Provisioning and Universal Directory terms.
  • Browse questions and answers in the Community.
  • Have an idea for improving Provisioning and Universal Directory?

Training Options

  • Okta Essentials (Instructor-led Training | 3 Days): the foundational course that's a must for System Administrators and anyone responsible for setting up Okta to help ensure implementation success.