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Unable to log in to Slack via Android for Work
Published: Jul 14, 2017   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018
Issue: We receive a "We're unable to open this link" error when we click "Sign In with Okta" in the Android for Work Profile's managed Slack application.  

Applies To
  • Slack (SAML enabled)
  • Android For Work (AFW)

Cause: By default, AFW applications cannot access the Android's native applications.  In this case, Slack is attempting to launch Chrome to handle the Okta authentication, but the Work Profile cannot launch the native Chrome application in the Personal Profile.

Resolution: Perform one of the two following steps
  • Deploy the Chrome application to the Work Profile:
    1. in Okta Admin Console, click Applications
    2. click Add Application
    3. in the search bar, "enter "Chrome Browser" and click Add
    4. in the General Settings screen, check both "Do not display" options to prevent the application from appearing as a chiclet on your users' Okta page
    5. assign the application to all users/groups who will be enrolling devices into AFW, click Next, and then click Done
    6. in the Chrome Browser application page that appears after completing the above step, click the Mobile tab
    7. click the pencil icon next to Chrome Browser Android (Universal)
    8. in the screen that appears, check the Silently install the app and Make this app available to users options, and choose "Approve All" in the Run time permissions drop-down box.
    9. click Save
    • ​​Chrome will automatically be added to AFW-enrolled devices' Work Profile, and will be accessed by Slack during "Sign in with Okta" attempts
  • Allow AFW to open the existing Chrome application located in the device's "Personal" Profile (Warning: this option will allow your users' AFW data to be accessed by applications in the device's Personal Profile.  For example, attachments in work emails could be downloaded to the device's internal storage and then forwarded using a personal email account)
    1. ​​in Okta Admin Console, navigate to Devices > Mobile Policies
    2. locate the Device Policy that is assigned to the affected user(s)
    3. in the Platforms section, click the pencil icon next to the Android platform
    4. click Next in the window that appears
    5. check the Work profile can transfer data to personal profile box and click Save