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Set Email Preferences in the Okta Community
Published: Jun 8, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018
Use email alerts to keep up with what’s trending in the Okta Community. You can choose to receive email notifications whenever:
  • Someone posts a question directly to you.
  • Comments on your post comment.
  • Starts a conversation in a group you belong to.
  • Mentions you in a new thread.

Standard email notifications preferences are set by the community platform, but you are able to modify them extensively.

To modify your email preferences:
  1. Login to your Okta Community at
  2. In the right top corner under your user name, select “My Profile.”

Image of My Profile
  1. Select More Actions.
  2. Select My Settings.

More Actions
  1. Select Email Settings.
  2. Now you can modify your email notifications by checking and un-checking boxes.

Email options screenshot
  • Change the frequency of group digests in the table at the bottom of the screen. Click on the link next to the group name to select Daily, Weekly or Never.
  • Don’t forget to hit SAVE!
  • NOTE: If you are an Okta Org Admin, you will also have the chance to submit Feature Requests and Ideas under the “Ideas” tab. Email notification preferences for Ideas are managed in a different control panel. For more information about Ideas, see Submit Product Ideas to the Okta Community.

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