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Participate in Okta Community Discussions
Published: Jun 8, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

The Discussions section of the community lets you do two things: manage the conversations you participate in via your Feed, or find a Group that fits your interest. Groups let you ask and answer questions with community members who share similar interests. It is a much smaller audience than asking a question in the Questions forum.

To find discussions, select Discussions from the community home page.
Selecting Discussions in the Okta Community

What am I seeing?

First look at discussions in the Okta community

When you first see Discussions, the center of your screen contains your feed. In this section, you can participate in discussions and Q&A’ s that you have started, commented on, or have been mentioned in. This is a single location for all content that you are participating in, so you don’t have to bookmark all the content you have ever engaged with.  Simply click on ‘comment’ to add your thoughts to an existing discussion, or click the like button to let others know the discussion is interesting. If you want to reach out to a specific community member, type @<community member user name> so your contribution shows up in their feed.

To edit your feed, select one of the following options:
Feed edit options in the Okta community


  • What I Follow: Discussions you have chosen to follow.
  • To Me: Discussions that have been directed to you with an @mention.
  • Bookmarked: Discussions that you have added to your Bookmarked list.
  • Muted: Discussions that you have added to your mute list, so you don’t receive notifications.
Participating in Groups
There are a handful of active community subgroups currently in the Discussions zone on the community. We encourage you to find a topic that interests you and join that group. Groups let you have more personal conversations and get to know your peers.

To access Groups, select Groups from the left menu.
User-added image

You can filter groups by Recently Viewed, My Groups (groups you have joined), Active Groups, or My Archived Groups.

Once you select a group, the group feed appears.
Tips and tricks group in the Okta community

To get started, click on a sharing option, or just start typing in the post bar. Note that you have Rich Text Editing capabilities if needed.
Posting to a group in the Okta communityPosting to a group in the Okta community

If you have an idea for an interesting group, please let us know at