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Okta RADIUS Server Agent Version History
Published: Jan 31, 2018   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018


Okta RADIUS Server Agent Version History

This page displays current and past versions of the Okta RADIUS Server Agent. This page is updated whenever a new version of the agent is released (General Availability and/or Early Access). 

Current GA Version2.7.3
Current EA VersionN/A

2.7.3This version disables CDN during install and contains bug fixes.2018.23
2.7.1Supports TLS 1.2.2018.11
2.7.0Better logging, improved queue management, packet duplication fixes, and many performance optimizations. Windows event logs are not created by default.2017.33
2.5.0This version supports the RADIUS Generic App and Amazon Workspace App.2017.05
2.3.1This update provides the following:
  • Support for two-factor-only authentication (2FA), an EA feature.
  • A fix of a potential security vulnerability.
2.2.0This update adds support for:
  • SSL certificate pinning
  • Fixed an issue that prevented RADIUS users from authenticating with Okta Verify with Push


2.1.5This update adds multithreading support for Okta Verify with Push Authentication.

Released to GA 2015.32

Released to EA 2015.30

2.1.4This update disables SSL3 encryption protocol to address the Poodle security vulnerability.2015.26
2.1.3This update fixes an issue that prevented users from installing the Okta RADIUS Server agent v2.02 through a proxy server.2015.25
2.0.2Adds OAuth support to RSA and RADIUS agents during installation.2014.44
1.0.0Introduces Okta's RADIUS SERVER Agent which enables users to authenticate to RADIUS enabled devices using their Okta credentials.04/11/2013
2.0.0Provides an option in RADIUS for multi-factor authentication (MFA).06/26/2013 Provides ability to view log entries for the RADIUS server agent in the Windows Event Viewer. 07/30/13

Note: After October 13, 2014, releases are named by release number; prior to that, they are named by release date. Release numbers indicate the year and week in which the release became available. Occasionally, there are gaps in the numbers.