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Okta Provisioning Product Name Change to Okta Lifecycle Management
Published: Sep 1, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Okta Provisioning name change:  Okta Lifecycle Management

Okta Provisioning product name will be changed to Okta Lifecycle Management. The reasoning behind the change is the increased investment we have made in the product, which we showcased during Oktane16, allowing the product to cover much more than provisioning integrations.

Some of the new features coming soon are:
  • User Lifecycle Policy – the ability to create a policy to auto suspend access for a certain group of users, such as contractors, based on date or activity
  • Access Discovery Reporting – the ability to generate a report and detect rogue accounts, as well as attribute and entitlement drift for applications
  • External Provisioning Workflow – extending the provisioning capabilities outside of the provisioning application network, by integrating with ITSM through APIs or email to generate tickets with user information to provision/deprovision applications

I encourage you to learn more about these new and exciting features coming to the product by reading our blog, An Integrated Approach to Lifecycle Management and watching a video we created to summarize all the key announcements at Oktane16.

Details for Existing Okta Provisioning customers:
  • This is a rename/rebranding of the Provisioning product and there’s no degradation in functionality – existing Provisioning customers are entitled to all the new functionality above, added to the Lifecycle Management product
  • From now on all invoices and contracts will contain the new product name “Lifecycle Management” where “Provisioning” was used in the past
  • There are no changes in terms of pricing and packaging. All previously negotiated pricing and terms in your current contract remain the same

We are excited to launch these new capabilities in the product and hope it will continue making you, our customers, even more successful with managing identities within or outside your organization. As always we would love to hear what you think and get your feedback, comments or concerns.
Eric Berg,
Chief Product Officer