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Okta Preview Sandbox - Release 2016.25
Published: Jun 22, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018
Okta Preview Release 2016.25 began deployment on June 22. For the latest information on our release schedule, see Current Release Status.

Check the version number at the bottom of your Okta Administrator page to see your current version. Clicking the version number takes you directly to the folder containing the release notes.

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Version numbers indicate the year and week of the year that releases are pushed to orgs. For example, release 2016.02 was pushed the second week of 2016. The week numbers follow the ISO Week Date convention. 

Important Notice for AD Integrations Using Federated Profiles

If your Okta Active Directory (AD) integration uses Federated Profiles, you should update to the latest GA version of the Okta AD agent. Beginning April 21, 2016, Okta automatically migrated all orgs that use the Federated Profiles option to the Okta enhanced AD integration, which requires agent version 3.0.8 or higher. If your Okta AD agent is earlier than version 3.0.8, following the migration your organization may experience inconsistent behavior, including loss of groups and group memberships.

To identify orgs running Federated Profiles, see Determining Your AD Integration Type.

For download and installation instructions, see Installing and Configuring the Active Directory Agent.

Note: If you run multiple Okta AD agents, upgrade all agents on your domain servers to the same version. Running different versions of the AD agent can cause all of them to function at the level of your oldest agent.

New Product Feature

We have clarified the procedure for configuring MFA challenges for admins and end-users. For details, see Adding Rules.

New Platform Feature

Important: Beginning next week, all platform changes (bugs and new features) will be available in http://developer.okta.com, where you can find all platform documentation and other developer resources.

Limit on Size of Groups Claim

To protect against arbitrarily large numbers of groups matching the group filter, the group claim has a limit of 100. If more than 100 groups match the filter, then the request fails.

For more information about configuring an app for OpenID Connect, including group claims, see Using OpenID Connect. For more information about group claims in the API, see Scope-dependent claims.

Incremental Features Summary

There are no incremental features to announce this week.

Application Updates

We've implemented SAML for the following Okta Verified applications:

  • Anodot (OKTA-92231)

  • Impraise (OKTA-92238)

  • Rollbar (OKTA-90257)

  • Yardi eLearning (OKTA-73830)

We've implemented SWA for the following Okta Verified applications:

  • GO Home (OKTA-91743)

  • Wistia (OKTA-92601)

We've added the following Mobile applications for use with Okta Mobility Management (OMM):

  • Multivista (OKTA-90766)

  • SurveyMonkey (OKTA-76401)

  • WebEx (Cisco) (OKTA-92100)


Bug Fixes

Bug numbers ending with an H are hotfixes. Hotfixes are generally deployed after the initial release.

Product Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed:

  • OKTA-79391 – Modified the Duo header text to avoid discrepancies between the header and configuration content.
  • OKTA-81170 – Okta user names with special characters were not displayed properly on the bulk assignment screen.
  • OKTA-89642 – The error message for violating the password policy complexity requirements was unclear and did not include history or minimum password age requirements.
  • OKTA-89692 – After successfully adding more than 20 apps, reopening the Edit Administrator modal and then trying to add more apps failed for Application Administrators.
  • OKTA-90398 – The SMS retry option used in the New Sign-In Experience failed to retry an alternative SMS provider.
  • OKTA-90942 – Some text in the Active Directory Import and Provisioning settings was unclear.
  • OKTA-92205 – Users assigned to an app were not displayed in the People tab.
  • OKTA-92319 – Incomplete Android for Work (AfW) setup flows were not being fully cleared. Now the automatically-created Google Apps instance is deleted if the setup flow is not completed.
  • OKTA-92567 – Okta Mobile Connect (OMC) failed with the latest Salesforce app.
  • OKTA-92603 – Some graphs in the improved System Log (Early Access) occasionally failed to render.
  • OKTA-92707 – Failed to process international phone numbers enrolled for MFA challenge in orgs without the New Sign In Experience enabled.

Platform Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed:

  • OKTA-89624 – Base schema attributes for OpenID Connect without default mappings weren't included in ID token claims.
  • OKTA-89867 – Creating a new user and adding that user to a group with the same create request via API failed, which was a problem when User Admins with group scope created users.
  • OKTA-90593 – The Group property lastMembershipUpdated value wasn't updated when adding or removing users from an Active Directory group during a scheduled import.
  • OKTA-90898 – Updating credentials failed when using the Apps API for custom apps.
  • OKTA-91066 – System log messages related to OpenID Connect didn't contain scopes.

App Integrations Fixed

The following SWA apps were not working correctly and are now fixed:

  • FullContact Developer Portal

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

  • myKASTLE (OKTA-92140)

  • MySonicWall (OKTA-91406)

  • Ning Mode Media (OKTA-92129)

  • PlayVox (OKTA-91407)

  • SproutSocial (OKTA-92124)

  • Visual Studio (OKTA-92115)

The following SAML app was not working correctly and is now fixed:

  • Clarizen (OKTA-79165)