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Okta Preview Sandbox – 2016.13
Published: Mar 29, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Okta Preview Release 2016.13 began deployment on March 30. For the latest information on our release schedule, see Current Release Status.

Check the version number at the bottom of your Okta Administrator page to see your current version. Clicking the version number takes you directly to the folder containing the release notes.

User-added image

New Features

  • A spinning circle now displays on any Okta Sign In page to indicate authentication in progress, whether or not end users have selected a security image.

    User-added image

  • Support for the Ukrainian language for the end user experience is now available to all customers in Beta format. You can select the default language preference for your entire org, and your end users can select a different language preference for their own experience. The end user's preference overrides the language set for the org. For more information, see Setting Language Preferences.

iOS Support

On March 1, 2016, Okta discontinued support for iOS 7.x. Okta Customer Support will no longer investigate issues related to iOS 7. For more details see Okta Mobile and Okta Verify Supported Versions. To learn about Okta’s version support information, see our new Supported Configurations page.

Okta Developer Platform

Improved Search for the Users API

Use the new search feature in the Users API to perform more sophisticated searches across the entire user profile. This feature is Early Access (EA). For details, see the Users API developer documentation.

Social Authentication with Microsoft

Now you can authenticate with a Microsoft identity provider. For details, see the Microsoft identity provider setup guide and the Okta platform social authentication guide

Documentation for the Okta Developer Platform is available at http://developer.okta.com.

Incremental Features Summary

The following table summarizes features that are enabled incrementally. Links in the Feature column point to additional documentation for that feature, if available. After the feature is fully released, it is no longer tracked in this table. For release history of all features, see Features by Release.

New Orgs
New Orgs
Existing Orgs
Existing Orgs
Enhanced Automatic App Login (Plugin)2015.462015.46      –      –
Attribute Level Mastering (GA)2016.112016.112016.112016.12 - 2016.13
Group Membership Rules (GA)2016.112016.112016.112016.12 - 2016.13

Agent Update

Okta announces the Early Access (EA) release of the Okta IWA Web App version 1.9.2. This version fixes the following issues:

  • Windows Internet Explorer 9 users were prevented from signing-in to Okta.
  • An error occurred that prevented users from updating to Okta IWA Web App version 1.9.1 (EA).

For agent version history, see IWA Web App Version History. To obtain this EA release, contact Okta Support.



We've implemented SAML for the following Okta Verified applications:

  • PeriscopeData (OKTA-84312)

  • showd.me (OKTA-80607)

We've implemented SWA for the following Okta Verified applications:

  • cloud.IQ (OKTA-82875)

  • Frontify (OKTA-83466)

  • Linux Academy (OKTA-84300)

  • Vitality (OKTA-84934)

We've added the following Mobile application for use with Okta Mobility Management (OMM):

  • Skrill (OKTA-84306)


Bug Fixes

Bug numbers ending with an H are hotfixes. Hotfixes are generally deployed after the initial release.

The following issues are fixed:

  • OKTA-76051 – Some user roles failed to appear in the Edit User Assignment dialog box following an import from the Netsuite app.
  • OKTA-83275 – A SAML logout request triggered a success message in the system log too early. If there was a problem with the logout, a failure message was also added to the system log and the customer wasn't logged out.
  • OKTA-83545 – Importing users failed if the import followed immediately after creating a SAML app with the SAML wizard.
  • OKTA-83570 – The drop-down menu for the Edit Group Assignment modal appeared cut off. 
  • OKTA-83953 – Admins with the Organization Administrator role were unable to view or manage Universal Directory (UD) profiles in the Profile Editor under certain conditions.
  • OKTA-84095 – Admins with the Application Administrator role were unable to view or manage UD profiles in the Profile Editor under certain conditions.
  • OKTA-84731 – Some admins received a status code 404 (Not Found) when attempting to view user profiles on the People page.
  • OKTA-84827 – Sometimes, when updating a new Cloud Provisioning Connector (CPC) application, the SAML attribute statement values were erased.
  • OKTA-84892 – The MFA prompt generated from the On-Prem MFA agent displayed incorrect text for the available token options.

The following SWA apps were not working correctly and are now fixed:

  • Admin America Participant (OKTA-84478)

  • Amtrak (OKTA-84069)

  • Arkadin Moderator (OKTA-84089)

  • Avalara Partner Portal (OKTA-84487)

  • ConnectWise Custom Portal (OKTA-83875)

  • Critical Mention (OKTA-84662)

  • Discovery Benefits (OKTA-84484)

  • Eflex - Employee (OKTA-84488)

  • Employers Choice Online (OKTA-84492)

  • EVault (OKTA-84483)

  • Fuze Customer Portal (OKTA-84493)

  • Infinisource - Flexible Benefits

  • J.P. Morgan ACCESS (OKTA-82742)

  • MyFlexDollars (OKTA-84482)

  • NewHire (OKTA-84491)

  • Pacific Specialty (OKTA-84425)

  • PlanGrid (OKTA-84490)

  • TweetDeck (OKTA-84299)

The following SAML app was not working correctly and is now fixed:

  • Aspera Faspex (OKTA-84765)