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Okta Preview Sandbox – 2016.09
Published: Mar 2, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Okta Preview Release 2016.09 began deployment on March 2. For the latest information on our release schedule, see Current Release Status.

Check the version number at the bottom of your Okta Administrator page to see your current version. Clicking the version number takes you directly to the folder containing the release notes.

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New Features

  • We are pleased to announce that we now support Box for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). This Box application enables customers to restrict the use of Box to company-approved mobile devices enrolled in Okta Mobility Management (OMM).

    This feature is currently available for iOS devices. For configuration information and more details about this feature, see Box for EMM with Okta.

  • Okta has streamlined the Attribute Level Mastering feature. If you have selected an attribute that is not mapped to the primary profile master, the attribute has a null value. This occurs whether or not there is another master app in the priority list.

    Attribute Level Mastering is an Early Access (EA) feature; contact Okta Support to enable it.

  • Okta announces that Public Groups and Feature Licenses support for Salesforce Customer Portal and Salesforce Federated ID provisioning is now available. For more information, see Configuring Provisioning for Salesforce Federated ID. and Configuring Provisioning for Salesforce Customer Portal.This is an Early Access (EA) feature; contact Okta Support to enable it.

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  • We have upgraded our provisioning support for Atlassian JIRA Cloud's three new stand-alone products: JIRA Core (formerly Jira), JIRA Software (formerly Agile Add-on), and JIRA Service Desk (formerly Service Desk Add-on). With this upgrade, Okta is renaming the existing JIRA On Demand application to JIRA Cloud

  • Our automated method for configuring WS-Federation with Microsoft Office 365 is now Generally Available (GA). Admins still have the option to configure WS-Federation themselves using Powershell. For more information, see Configuring WS-Federation

  • The Okta Sign In page now displays a spinning circle around user-selected security images to indicate authentication in progress.

    User-added image

  • X-MS-* headers (x-ms-client-user-agent, x-ms-forwarded-client-ip, x-ms-client-application) are no longer called out separately in the system log. They are now incorporated into the user agent and client IP fields.

iOS Support

On March 1, 2016, Okta discontinued support for iOS 7.x. Okta Customer Support will no longer investigate issues related to iOS 7. For more details see Okta Mobile and Okta Verify Supported Versions. To learn about Okta’s version support information, see our new Supported Configurations page.

Okta Developer Platform Update

Bug Fixes

OKTA-81457 – Fixed an issue in which the password recovery API sometimes failed for users with delegated authentication. For more information see Recovery Operations.

Documentation for the Okta Developer Platform is available at http://developer.okta.com.

Incremental Features Summary

The following table summarizes features that are enabled incrementally. Links in the Feature column point to additional documentation for that feature, if available. After the feature is fully released, it is no longer tracked in this table. For release history of all features, see Features by Release.

New Orgs
New Orgs
Existing Orgs
Existing Orgs
Group-based Sign On Policies2015.48      –2015.48      –
Enhanced Automatic App Login (Plugin)2015.462015.46      –      –
Box for EMM2016.092016.122016.092016.12
WS-Federation Auto Config2016.092016.102016.092016.10

Toolkit Update

We have upgraded the Okta JIRA Authenticator to version 2.0.0. This release supports the JIRA On-Premises app version 7.0.x., including the three stand-alone applications in the JIRA family of applications. For installation and configuration details, see Using the JIRA On-Premises SAML App. To obtain the latest JIRA Authenticator, visit the Okta Downloads page (Admin Dashboard > Settings > Downloads). For the toolkit version history, see Current JIRA JAR Version History.



We've implemented SAML for the following Okta Verified applications:

  • Dome9 (OKTA-82029)

  • Moxtra (OKTA-77862)

We've implemented SAML for the following Community Created applications:

  • Contract Logix (OKTA-78267)

  • Cvent (OKTA-81896)

We've implemented SWA for the following Okta Verified applications:

  • Appbot (OKTA-81654)

  • Appsee (OKTA-81650)

  • CloudAlly (OKTA-82144)

  • Control4 Dealer Login

  • Europe Registry (OKTA-81646)

  • Forex Broker Inc (OKTA-82047)

  • FullStory (OKTA-81664)

  • FXTM Partners (OKTA-82046)

  • Host.Al (OKTA-81903)

  • Instabug (OKTA-81653)

  • InstaForex Partner Cabinet

  • Instagress (OKTA-81313)

  • iSheriff (OKTA-82034)

  • IT University Online (OKTA-81907)

  • Ken Chapman & Associates, Inc.

  • Key-Systems - DomainDiscount24

  • New Mexico Gas Company

  • OilandGasInvestor.com

  • Payment XP (OKTA-81904)

  • Payroll Network (OKTA-82191)

  • Plooto (OKTA-81848)

  • PNM.com (OKTA-81910)

  • PrimePay (OKTA-81379)

  • SFGate (OKTA-81847)

  • ShieldSquare (OKTA-82194)

  • Southwest Gas Corporation

  • Submittable (OKTA-81656)

  • Symbaloo (OKTA-81659)

  • Sysdig Cloud (OKTA-81658)

  • The Information (OKTA-82188)

  • The Washington Post (OKTA-82192)

  • ThinkForex - ThinkPortal

  • TINYPulse (OKTA-81651)

  • UKForex (OKTA-81905)

  • Union Gas Limited (OKTA-82055)

  • VCE Support Portal (OKTA-81849)

  • Zeplin (OKTA-81906)

Bug Fixes

Bug numbers ending with an H are hotfixes. Hotfixes are generally deployed after the initial release.

  • OKTA-74924 – Fixed an issue in which some usage counts on the Reports page provided incorrect numbers for user logins and activity.
  • OKTA-79393 – Fixed an issue in which inactive apps were incorrectly visible on the Apps You Created page.
  • OKTA-81079 – Fixed an issue where licenses couldn't be assigned when an Office 365 user did not have the usageLocation attribute set.
  • OKTA-81094 – Fixed an issue where new Okta users could not be created when importing users from Office 365 with License Only provisioning.
  • OKTA-81606 – Fixed an issue that caused group search to fail when a forward slash (/) appears in the search term.
  • OKTA-81609 – Fixed an issue where buttons were covered up when uploading an app logo.
  • OKTA-81614 – Fixed a timeout issue that prevented provisioning users to the OrgWiki app.

The following SWA apps were not working correctly and are now fixed:

  • Bidspeed (OKTA-81820)

  • ContractPal (OKTA-81821)

  • MozyPro User Login (OKTA-81812)

  • Paychex Online (OKTA-77972)

  • Percolate (OKTA-81467)

  • Tick (OKTA-82193)