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Okta Preview Sandbox – 2016.04
Published: Jan 27, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Okta Preview Release 2016.04 began deployment on January 27. For the latest information on our release schedule, see Current Release Status.

Check the version number at the bottom of your Okta Administrator page to see your current version. Clicking the version number takes you directly to the folder containing the release notes.

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New Feature

Okta is pleased to announce that our new Universal Directory integration with Zendesk is now Generally Available (GA). You can now create unique attributes in Zendesk and add them to Okta as Custom attributes. The new integration includes schema discovery and leverages rich user profiles. For more information, see New Provisioning Integration with Zendesk.

Incremental Feature Summary

The following table summarizes features that are enabled incrementally. Links in the Feature column point to additional documentation for that feature, if available. After the feature is fully released, it is no longer tracked in this table. For release history of all features, see Features by Release.

New Orgs
New Orgs
Existing Orgs
Existing Orgs
UD Integration with Zendesk (GA)2016.042016.052016.042016.05
Group-based Sign On Policies2015.48      –2015.48      –
Enhanced Automatic App Login (Plugin)2015.462015.46      –      –

Agent Updates

  • The Okta IWA agent version 1.8.1 is now GA
  • We have released Okta IWA Agent version 1.9.0. for Early Access (EA) users. This release includes the following:
    • Support for hosting with the Integrated Pipeline on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS) web servers.
    • FIPS-compliance to support some cryptographic functions.
    • Installer support for the latest Okta logo.
    • On-going work to support improved handling of domain-joined users in multi-domain environments.

    To obtain this release, contact Okta Support. For details about the Okta IWA agent, see Configuring Desktop SSO. For agent version history, see IWA Web App Version History.

  • We have released Okta Active Directory Agent version 3.4.1 for EA users. This release allows admins to enforce Active Directory's password policy for end users who have forgotten their password.

    To obtain this release, contact Okta Support. For details about the Okta AD agent, see Installing and Configuring the Active Directory Agent. For agent version history, see Active Directory Agent Version History.

Browser Plugin Updates

  • Browser plugin version 5.5.2 for Safari is now GA. This release includes a new version of the Safari browser extension, as required by Apple Worldwide Developer Relations. For more information, see the Apple certificate expiration support page.

  • Browser plugin version 5.5.1 for Firefox is now GA. This release fixes an issue that caused an unexpected amount of activity to display in the browser developer console.

  • We have updated the plugin for Windows Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox browsers to version 5.6.0 for EA users. This version provides internal improvements. To obtain this release, contact Okta Support. 

For details, see Browser Plugin Version History.

Application Integrations

We've implemented SAML for the following Okta Verified applications:

  • Degreed (OKTA-77505)

  • Sendbloom (OKTA-78036)

We've implemented SWA for the following Okta Verified application:

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Account Management (OKTA-76120)

  • Code42 CrashPlan (PROe)

  • Instacart (OKTA-75027)

  • Phish5 (OKTA-77672)

  • Tectonic (OKTA-77810)

We've added the following Mobile application for use with Okta Mobility Management (OMM):

  • Pandora (OKTA-78517)


Bug Fixes

Bug numbers ending with an H are hotfixes. Hotfixes are generally deployed after the initial release.

  • OKTA-69902 – Fixed an issue with rate limiting authentication API requests based on the username.
  • OKTA-72796 – Fixed an issue where the right-click mouse option failed to open a new tab for Factor Types or Multifactor Policies.
  • OKTA-73129/OKTA-77561 – Fixed an issue in which certain app labels displayed incorrectly.
  • OKTA-74729 – Fixed an issue where syncing OneDrive for Business to Office 365 (Office 2016 versions) failed while running on Windows 10.

The following SWA apps were not working correctly and are now fixed:

  • Blue Shield CA (OKTA-78448)

  • CrossBrowserTesting (OKTA-78457)

  • Dell TechDirect (OKTA-78511)

  • EIFRS (OKTA-78453)

  • Envoy (OKTA-78158)

  • LeanKit (OKTA-78742)

  • MyFax (OKTA-78758)

  • SEMrush (OKTA-78297)

  • Smartling (OKTA-78507)

  • workspace.com (OKTA-76320)

  • Yelp (OKTA-78452)