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Okta Mobile – Release 2.10.0 for Android
Published: Aug 17, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

The following Okta Mobile update began deployment on August 17 and is available from the Google Play Store this week.

Okta is pleased to announce the release of Okta Mobile 2.10.0 for Android.

This release includes general performance improvements as well as the following new features and bug fixes:

New Features

  • We now cache site names and usernames when users are logged out of Okta Mobile. This functionality applies to users who log out manually as well as those logged-out automatically (due to account inactivity, entering the wrong PIN or password, etc.). This improves the end user experience, as users no longer need to reenter their site name and username when signing back in to Okta Mobile.

    This feature also helps avoid OMM enrollment interruptions for enrolled users who are logged out of Okta Mobile. Such users are now placed in a session expired state. OMM-enrollment users who opt to sign in with a different account now must click a confirmation to switch accounts.

    User-added image

  • To improve the end-user experience, we have added support for managed configuration which allows 3rd party EMM providers to preconfigure the site name (domain) and username for the Okta Mobile Android app. For more information, see Preconfigure Site Name and Username with Managed Configurations.

  • We've replaced the Account page with a new Settings page and we've moved some sections.

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Bug Fixes

  • OKTA-95376 – Logging in to Okta Mobile failed for LG-G5 users.
  • OKTA-95442 – An application visibility option in app settings failed.