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Okta Mobile
Published: Jan 31, 2018   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018




Okta Mobile

Okta Mobile delivers Okta's simple Single Sign-On (SSO) experience to your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. When you launch the Okta Mobile application, you instantly get one-click access to all of your applications. It is also used to begin end user enrollment into Okta Mobility Management.

Note: Okta Mobile is included with Okta's SSO product and does NOT require purchase of Okta Mobility Management (OMM), our device management product (see Configure Okta Mobility Management for more information).

Access Okta Mobile


The Okta Mobile app is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store. Simply search for Okta Mobile in the appropriate store.

Okta also provides an alternative way to access the Android version of Okta Mobile, useful in places where the Google Play Store is not available. For details, see Distributing Okta Android Apps in China.

Sign on for the first time

When you first launch Okta Mobile, you are prompted to enter your company name and Okta credentials (username and password). If you have enabled multifactor authentication (MFA) for your organization, your end users are required to complete the extra factor request to sign in.

If your organization uses Okta Mobility Management and you have set up a mobile policy, your end users are prompted to enroll their devices.

Important notes:

  • Okta Mobile Android currently does not support email as an MFA factor.
  • When signing in to Okta Mobile for the first time, you may encounter a network error if you enter an incorrect value in the Site name field such as your company domain name (for example, acme.com) or your email address (for example, yourname@acme.com). To avoid this, make sure to enter only your Okta org URL in the Site name field (for example, acme.okta.com).
Lock the Okta Mobile App

Your users are prompted to lock the Okta Mobile app to ensure that no one can access their Okta apps if their mobile devices are lost or stolen.

Set a PIN

By default, your users are required to set a 4-digit PIN. If they forget their PINs, they can click the Sign Out • Reset PIN link on the Enter your PIN dialog.

Use your fingerprint

With this feature enabled, end users can also unlock the Okta Mobile app with a fingerprint.

Note: Fingerprint authentication for iOS and Android are separate features. If you want to enable fingerprint authentication for both your iOS and Android end users, you will need to ask for them both.

Requirements and setup on iOS devices

  • Okta Mobile 5.10.1 for iOS
  • iPhone 5S or later, iPad (5th generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 or later

New end users must:

  1. Set up TouchID on their device
  2. Download Okta Mobile 5.10.1 or greater.
  3. They will then be prompted to turn on TouchID verification.

Current end users must

  1. Set up TouchID on their device
  2. Update to Okta Mobile 5.10.1 or greater.
  3. Sign out of Okta Mobile, then sign back in.
  4. They will then be prompted to turn on TouchID verification.

Requirements and setup on Android devices

  • Okta Mobile 3.2.2 for Android
  • Android 6.0+ device with a fingerprint sensor

If an end user already has a fingerprint set up on their device, they will be prompted to turn on fingerprint verification when they first download or update to Okta Mobile 3.2.2 or greater. Otherwise, they must first set up a fingerprint in their device Security settings, then tap the Use fingerprint to sign in toggle in Okta Mobile Settings.

If your end users use Okta Mobile to enroll in OMM with Android for Work, they must re-enable fingerprint verification after enrollment. Users with Android 7.0+ devices must set up a separate fingerprint for their work profile, then return to Settings in the Okta Mobile app to turn on fingerprint verification.

Access apps within Okta Mobile

As soon as you launch Okta Mobile, your Home page opens.

  • iOS devices: If you are using an iOS device, your applications are displayed in a chiclet view (Tile View), much like Okta's web application:


You can change the display to a list of applications via the Settings menu.

  • Android devices: If you are using an Android device, your applications are also displayed in a chiclet view; however, there is no list view available.

Change application passwords

Your end users are only able to edit credentials for the apps that you allow. To edit the apps for which you have permitted editing, end users must do the following:

  1. From your Okta Mobile Home page, find the app that requires a credential change.

  2. Edit your credentials as follows:

    • iOS Devices: Tap and hold the app icon. An App Settings screen appears displaying your Username and Password. If you have permissions to edit your password, that field will be editable. Type in a new password, then click Done.
    • Android Devices: Tap and hold the app icon. A Settings screen appears. If you have permissions to edit your password, that field will be editable. Type in a new password, then click Save.

Any password changes you make to your applications in the Okta mobile application are automatically remembered by the Okta Service, so if you access Okta using your desktop or iPhone, the app's old password is automatically updated.

Print from Okta Mobile

Note: This feature is only available for iOS devices.

You can now print the content of the Okta Mobile browser to any AirPrint-enabled printer.
To print, touch the new printer button in the lower right to display the printing options:


Upload file from Okta Mobile

Note: This functionality is only available for iOS devices.

You can upload files from your iOS device to any apps from your Okta Mobile dashboard.

Change your Okta password

Note: This feature is only available for iOS devices.

You can change your Okta password directly on your device.

To change your password:

  1. Select the menu icon on your Okta Mobile Home page.
  2. Select Settings > Change Password.
  3. Type in, then confirm a new password.
  4. Click Done.

Control the visibility of an application

You can determine whether a given application is visible in Okta Mobile. Use this setting to hide applications that are not mobile-ready.

To hide an application from Okta Mobile, do the following:

  1. From the Administrator Dashboard, select Applications
  2. Select the app you want to hide from Okta Mobile.
  3. On the General tab, select Edit in the App Settings section.
  4. For Application visibility, check Do not display application icon in the Okta Mobile App.
  5. Click Save.

Okta Mobile and SAML

For certain apps, enabling SAML means that end users are not able to sign in using their regular sign-on page and must access the app through the Okta service.

Note: Most of these apps provide a backup URL from which users can sign in using their normal username and password.

The ability to access mobile versions of these apps, enabled for SAML, depends on the application itself. Apps such as SFDC and Box support SAML in their mobile applications; however, there are some Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that still require a login username and password for mobile support. To confirm the status of your mobile support, check with the affected ISVs.