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Okta Essentials
Published: Oct 2, 2015   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018
Audience   Okta Admins + people hands-on with implementation
Format       Instructor-led Training Labs (virtual)
Duration     3 days (schedule
Cost            $2400 USD / seat
(20% discount for Premier/Premier Access/Premier Plus.  No promo code needed.)
PrerequisitesSetup Requirements
Basic familiarity with Active Directory.
Basic networking knowledge.
Students use their own computers.
For an optimal learning experience, read these tips for virtual classroom success.
Okta provides access to an Okta org and a virtual machine to complete hands-on lab activities.

Course Overview.

Okta Essentials is the foundational course that’s a must for System Administrators and anyone responsible for setting up Okta to help ensure implementation success.

Get hands-on experience creating and configuring users and applications and learn about best practices and troubleshooting techniques to help maximize your Okta investment.

Using your own computer, you’ll access a custom Okta training account and leading 3rd party software applications to practice key setup and configuration tasks.

Participants will learn how to...

  • Integrate Okta into your organization for easy user access to applications and data
  • Identify the features and functions of Okta to maximize the value of your Okta investment
  • Create and configure user accounts within Okta for data access and administration
  • Integrate external directories to provide secure application access for all employees
  • Create and manage groups for efficient user and application association and provisioning
  • Configure applications for secure employee access to corporate data
  • Configure controls, such as password policies and multi-factor authentication, for increased data security
  • Customize Okta to match your company brand
  • Work through various errors to learn troubleshooting techniques
  • Monitor application usage and analyze authentication errors to quickly resolve employee or access issues
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